Ms. Bricker's Classroom



Weekly assignments are available at the pdf below. Click on the pdf to view Miss Bricker's class assignments. You may also see assignments in ClassKick, where you can ask Miss Bricker questions and check off daily completed tasks. Please refer to the weekly parent email for login information and additional updates.

Homeroom, Reading, & Math Assignments
*All assignments are due the day they are assigned. Glen Acres parents have been doing such a wonderful job at helping their children with e-learning. As we have been adjusting to our new e-learning routine, students should now be familiar with where to locate their assignments. They will be distributed through the web page. the ClassKick app, and weekly emails. 

Miss Bricker March 31st-April 3rd.pdf
Miss Bricker April 6th-10th Assignments.pdf
Miss Bricker April 13th-17th Assignments.pdf
Miss Bricker April 20th-24th Assignments.pdf
Miss Bricker April 27th-May 1st Assignments.pdf
Miss Bricker May 4th-8th Assignments.pdf
Miss Bricker May 11th -15th Assignments.pdf

Homeroom Attendance

Morning Check-In:

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Zoom Meetings

Homeroom-Wednesday @ 9:00 a.m. (Meeting ID: 691-032-462)

Reading - Wednesday @ 11:00 a.m. (Meeting ID:159-459-347)

Math- Wednesday @ 1:00 p.m. (Meeting ID: 448-452-700)