Glen Acres Elementary School Vision

Empower students to become contributing members of society and lifelong learners.

 Glen Acres Elementary School Mission

Provide a learning environment which fosters intellectual and social development.

Glen Acres Elementary School, located in at 1106 Kensington Drive in between Greenbush and Union Roads, has an enrollment of approximately 500 students in grades K-4. It is one of eight elementary schools in the Lafayette School Corporation and services the east side of Lafayette.


  • Average class size: 20-25  

  • 71% free/reduced lunch

  • 55% minority students

  • 35% English learners


  • 27 licensed teachers;  total staff  59

  • School nurse, speech clinician, assistant principal

  • Specialists in art, music, and physical education


  • Online assessments help teachers monitor progress and meet individual needs

  • Mobile computer labs allows laptops and iPads to be brought into the classroom

  • Interactive Ben-Q technology

  • One to one iPads K-4 

Special Programs

  • Title 1 federal funding provides additional staff for individual and small group tutoring

  • College Mentors for Kids and Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentoring programs

  • Positive Behavior Support program rewards students for meeting school-wide behavior expectations

  • Daily 90 minute literacy instruction block

  • Focused 30 minute small instructional groups in both language arts and math

  • Kindergarten Camp

  • Read to Succeed program provided with volunteers from United Way

Glen Acres was built in 2019.

Glen Acres has a school wide Title One program that serves our ethnically diverse and transient population.  Federal funding provides supplemental aide to local Title One school districts to meet the needs of at-risk and low-income students. Title One funds have been used to improve curriculum and instructional activities, provide additional staff, increase parental involvement, create new programs and strengthen existing programs.

The following educational programs are offered at Glen Acres:

  • ELL services

  • Integrated computer technology

  • Dreambox (grades K-4)

  • Accelerated Reader

  • Review of Essential Skills

  • Daily Review Math and Language

  • School-wide use of Lifelong Guidelines and Life skills including daily recognition /modeling through announcements on public address system

  • Intervention Remediation Blocks

  • Wabash Valley Case Management program